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Wan Shing Supplies Limited Is a professional supplier of adhesives, greases, release agents and coating equipment supplies.

Over the years agent distribution Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea adhesive, from the type of agent and grease products.
Dow corning Electronic Industry Adhesives, Henkel Loctite / Teroson Adhesives, Huitian Electronics Industry Adhesives, Bostik Adhesives, Threebond Adhesives,
Dow Corning MOLYKOTE grease, Sweden SKF grease, Germany Krupp Kluber grease and so on.
In addition, we also provide SULZER MIXPAC, Norson EFD / TAH and various types of domestic plastic tube, glue gun and static mixing tube, such as packaging, dispensing equipment and supplies.

We work with a number of internationally renowned brands, will be different suppliers and our own unique technology and products to creatively combine to provide customers with the right solution.
We not only provide high-quality adhesives, lubricants and related equipment, but also the choice of products, applications, etc. to provide professional free advice and services.
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